Photo Ops

Transform events into unforgettable experiences with our captivating photo ops – creating memorable moments, fostering engagement, and enhancing social media visibility.

Thumbnails of photo opportunities leveraging the world's first robotic photo booth, augmented reality backgrounds, and custom badge printing.
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The world's first robotic photo booth will make your event unforgettable


Everyone loves a photo booth and Selfiebot takes this experience to the next level. Roaming amongst the crowd, the robot surprises and delights with fully customizable speech interacting with guests using your brand’s unique tone of voice.

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Event attendees are invited to interact with the Selfiebot photo booth.

Entertain Guests

Selfie bot engages your guests by talking to them, inviting interaction and offers to take their photo.

The Selfiebot moving to where it 's needed within the event space.

Follow the crowd

Don’t fret over foot traffic or where to place your photo booth, Selfiebot can navigate to where it’s needed, when it’s needed there.

The Selfiebot printing single photos and photo strips.

Print photo or strip

Make the moment last longer and treasure the memory. Selfiebot can print your guests photo or photo strip.

The branded badge printing experience is shown via tablet, distinctive photo effects, and finally the printed result.

Photo ops offer a dynamic and memorable element

Incorporating a photo booth into your event is an excellent method to captivate your attendees. Whether utilized during check-in, throughout the event, incorporated into a quiz, or integrated with AI or AR technology, its versatility knows no bounds. This presents an exhilarating opportunity for your attendees, providing them with a memorable keepsake from your event.

Upgrade Your Photo Booth: AR, AI, and Gamification

You can upgrade any photo booth by integrating gamification (such as quizzes), AR, or AI technology. For example, for the Nickelodeon x Paramount+ booth at New York Comic Con 2022 featuring the Star Trek Prodigy series, Gramercy Tech designed an AR photo booth experience that was integrated into the scenic. Attendees posed for a photo by sitting in the captain's chair, and using AR tech, characters from the series were superimposed into the photo with them.

Thumbnails of the Photo opportunities at Nickelodeon's Star Trek Prodigy booth showing the standard attendee photo, superimposed characters, and save and sharing abilities via QR Code.
Thumbnails show QR codes available on large monitors, tablets, and print-outs for easy access to save and download photos at the Mean Girls themed photo booth experience.

Capture & Download: QR Code Photo Access

At your event, attendees can easily save and download their photos using QR codes in two ways. They can scan the QR code displayed on monitors or iPad screens to access their pictures instantly. Alternatively, the QR code is included in their print-out for quick digital access.