Gesture/Touchless Check-in

Getting people through the line, checked in, credentialed, and into your event as quickly as possible is an important and daunting task for event organizers. With our event app, Eventfinity, we provide a check-in system to manage your guest list, the security of your event, access points within your event, analytics, and more!

Barcode/QR Code Scanning

When attendees check-in for your event, they can do so by scanning barcodes or QR codes sent to them in a confirmation email during registration. Scanning these codes from their email, or from within the Eventfinity event app, drastically speeds up queues, and can also trigger our badging printers to print out their credentials.

Self Check-in

Eventfinity's check-in app can be fully branded for your event, so that attendees can easily check in by entering their information at a kiosk to trigger an immediate print of their credentials. You can also incorporate Brand Ambassadors into this seamless check-in process to provide a more welcoming and accommodating experience.

NFC Tap 'n' Go

Streamline your check-in process even more by incorporating RFID wristbands into your event! Each attendee can receive a uniquely-tagged wristband that can track their movement throughout the event, providing you with valuable data for events to come. Use these wristbands for payments, and your attendees won't have to reach for their wallets through the duration of the event!