AI Walls

What would a machine dream about after seeing the collection of images coming out of User Generated Content at the event?

Using artificial intelligence attendees can create digital artworks that unfold in real time, continuously generating new and otherworldly forms that envelop viewers in a large-scale installation.

A sample AI Wall driven by prompts for an event setting, a season, and a descriptive theme.

AI Wall: An artificial dream inspired by user-generated content

A sample A.I. Wall with user-generated content.
  • AI-generated Interactive Display

    Encourage participation through collaborative AI Wall display

  • Creative Spectrum

    Explore a range of artistic styles and visual expressions

  • Customization Features

    Custom prompts, selections, or fields

  • Data Tracking

    Collect insights and review engagement

AI Portrait Wall: Personalize attendees' welcome experience using AI

  • AI-generated Interactive Display

    See AI-generated profile pictures on a dynamic digital display

  • Unique Art Styles

    AI transforms your profile pic into chosen style

  • Use for check-in or venue gamification

    Check in by entering info or tap badge to reader

  • Diverse Display Options

    Various sizes, from standard monitors to full-height LED screens

A sample view of welcome messages with A.I.-generated attendee avatars.