AI Drawing Wall

Engage attendees with our AI Drawing Wall—an interactive activation that transforms their ideas into reality using AI. Participants can draw their responses to event-themed prompts, and watch as AI enhances their creations, capturing the essence of their drawings. Take ideas further with AI.

An event attendee interacts with an A.I. Drawing Wall via a tablet.

Transform your drawings into reality with A.I.

An A.I. Drawing Wall experience with customizable features.
  • Personalized Prompts

    Prompts tailored to your event's theme and audience

  • AI Image Generation

    Drawings used as inspiration for AI generated images

  • Diverse Palette

    Various pen & background hues to customize your canvas

  • Customizable Features

    Visual elements unique to your brand

  • Promotion and Engagement

    Encourage participation with an enjoyable interactive experience

  • Gamification

    Interactive engagement & memorable takeaways

  • Diverse Display Options

    Various sizes, from standard monitors to full-height LED screens

  • Save & Share

    Option to save and/or share your creations

A display of many attendees' A.I. generated drawings that can be saved and shared.