Welcome Wall

Welcome Wall Experiences create an exciting moment for your attendees as they check into the event: tap their badge to a reader, or search their name, to trigger a reaction on the display that welcomes them with a photo-op-worthy activation.

Impress your attendees with a personalizedWelcome Wall experience.

  • Welcome Activation

    Provide a personalized welcome by tapping a badge.

  • Diverse Display Options

    Various sizes, from standard monitors to full-height LED screens

  • Cusstomizable Features

    Visual elements unique to your brand

  • Check-in Opportunity

    Enhance the attendee’s experience using active or passive check-in

  • AI Integration

    Add interest by including the option to generate an AI self portrait

  • Save & Share

    Option to save your AI portrait as memorable keepsake

  • Gamification

    Encourage attendees to gain points for welcome wall engagement

  • Networking

    Facilitate networking by displaying key attendee information

An engaging experience for each and every attendee

As attendees checked in on an iPad, an explosion of emojis displayed on a large screen along with their profile picture and instagram handle.

An interactive drawing wall experience filled with vibrant colors that captivated. As attendees entered the event, they were welcomed by a 16-foot LED screen that displayed their names and photos, along with a special personal welcome message. attendees during session breaks.

A fun, engaging, interactive wall experience that made attendees have their own moment.

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